Just a quick update to let you all know that I haven’t given up!

I am currently in the middle of moving house, as soon as we have moved I have lots of sewing project in mind!

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Sewing a Double Turn Hem

Here’s another technique I learned at Sunday’s sewing class. This double folded hem is really easy and great for finishing off your items!

The fold sizes can be reduced depending on the size of the item you are sewing. 



Fold in the edge of your material by 1cm and iron flat.







Now make another fold, this time 2cm wide and iron flat again.











Use the straight stitch setting

on your sewing machine to

straight stitch along the edge

of your hem.






Congrats! You have now created a double turn hem! 

Sewing a French Seam

After (literally) dusting off my machine, I attended a beginners sewing class at The Stitchery in Cardiff on Sunday.

The class was a great way to get back into sewing and taught me all the skills needed to complete basic sewing projects such as cushions & tote bags on my sewing machine.

We learned how to create lots of different seams during the workshop, one of which was the French Seam. This seam is used to give an expert finish to textile items and conceals all raw edges.

To create a French Seam:


With wrong sides together,

sew a straight stitch seam

using the edge of your

presser foot as a guide for

the width.






Fold down seam edges

and iron flat.
















fold the material with right

sides together and sew a

1 1/2 cm seam ensuring you

enclose the existing seam.














Unfold fabric so that right side is facing up.
You have now created a french seam!