Bedroom Inspiration

This is the first house we have been able to call our own, so I can’t wait to put our stamp on it and get everything just right. 

As we have had a few more outlays than we were expecting, we’ve decided to focus on the bathroom, master bedroom and downstairs reception rooms for now.

Although I’d heard of Pintrest before, I’ve never actually used it until now. It’s a fantastic place to store your ideas and draw inspiration from other people. You can see my Pintrest profile here. I’m currently using it to store my Interior design and wedding ideas.

First on the hit list is the Master bedroom. To save some money we’ve decided to use lining paper rather than having the room re-plastered. Luckily, my Mum and Aunt have offered to come and lend a hand with this as I wouldn’t know where to start!

I bought some gorgeous Josette wallpaper from Laura Ashley at the weekend and ordered some ‘Dove tail grey’ paint to match. I was slightly concerned that the room would be too dark with the grey paint so we are going to put in a picture rail and paint white above as they have done here:



I was originally planning to have the wallpaper in each alcove rather than on the chimney breast, but it looks so lovely here I’m not sure anymore. Unfortunately we have a radiator rather than a nice fireplace which wouldn’t have quite the same effect.

As well as various pieces of furniture, we have also inherited some 1930’s Art Deco mirrors. I saw this pic on the other day. I love how the use of different mirrors adds light and interest to the room!Image


M isn’t too sure about it so we’ll have to see how it looks. Maybe one for the guest bedroom if not!


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Inspiration

  1. How exciting to have your first ‘own’ home, its fab when you can design your home exactly how you want it and let your character shine through. Grey and white will look so chic and elegant and is a great base colour to have accent features with, as above with the blacks/silvers. Having furniture with a more elaborate design would add real texture and warmth – maybe a bed with a gorgeous upholstered headboard. As for mirrors – love them, they are great features and as you said, will add more light, you could top it al of with a dazzling chandelier.
    Happy decorating :O)

  2. Thank you! A new bed is definitely on the list, our current one is brown leather so think it will be delegated to the spare room. A chandelier is a great idea, I hadn’t decided what to do about lighting but I think you’ve just solved my problem 🙂

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