The weirdest bathroom

We have quickly learnt that you can never be sure what you’ll uncover in an old property. 

Our bathroom is a prime example of this, we never expected that it could get weirder than this…



In all fairness I started to grow quite fond of these tiles, if it wasn’t for the position of the bath preventing us from having a shower screen I may have even kept some of them. However, they had to go so my OH had fun ripping the whole room apart. 

As he started to remove tiles he found some more tiles and some lovely interesting wallpaper with fish on. Okay, so it’s not that weird to find tiles behind tiles… but then he found a window!


It has been expertly filled with polystyrene (what more could you ask for) and rendered over on the outside of the house. 

Our new bathroom has arrived and the first fix starts on Monday. We should probably make a decision on the tiles soon…


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