Bringing in the cavalry

It has been a very busy week at the house with lots of people working to get it looking a bit less like a building site.

The plumber has begun fixing our new bathroom which we’re really excited about. We decided to splash out a bit on the bathroom to make sure we had at least one room exactly how we wanted it when we move in.

ImageWe also had a visit from 2 very special helpers. My Mum and Aunt are highly skilled in the decorating department as both have taken on their own renovation projects in the past. They came to stay for 3 days to help get our bedroom looking a bit more like the relaxing space we’re going to need. Due to cost constraints, we decided to lining paper the bedrooms rather than re-plastering. Neither of us have put up wallpaper before so their help was invaluable!

We managed to get the whole room prepped and papered so it’s ready for me to start painting at the weekend.

Luckily we have a box room that I can have a go at papering on my own before taking on the guest bedroom!


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