Making Progress

I think I will name this ‘hump week’ as it finally feels like the uphill battle is over.

The plastering is finished downstairs so we started clearing up and applied the mist coat to the middle room on Monday. Before plastering the living room we removed the dated sliding doors which separated the two reception rooms.


I also got the first coat of grey paint done on our bedroom at the weekend, looking forward to getting the wallpaper in the alcoves!


And finally… We have a bath! The plumbers should be finishing today ready for us to tile the bathroom. It’s been great getting work done before we move in but it’s quite stressful trying to make sure everything gets done on time and to the standard we want. It feels great now that the big jobs are done, just the floors and decorating to go!



One thought on “Making Progress

  1. It appears that some huge renovation projects are going on at your place Rebecca, and I can imagine how exiting this can be for you. I love renovations, so am looking forward to check and see how are you progressing with your projects. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the” follow”.

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