New Job & Crossfit progress

I’ve been a bit quiet this week as I started my new job at Staedtler last Thursday (which I love) so it’s been a bit hectic! Here’s the press release about it in 

Oh, and this little guy sits next to me all day! You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook 🙂Tyson Triplus










I’ve been continuing with the Crossfit ‘On ramp’ sessions and have my penultimate class tonight, then the real work begins (I’m so scared)!  I am really loving Crossfit so far, the community there is great and everyone on the On Ramp course has been really supportive and motivational.

I was reasonably successful with double unders in Monday’s class but my pull ups were abysmal! Our final workout consisted of:

X 3 for time

  • 200m run
  • 12 Kettle bell swings
  • 6 pull ups

I completed the workout in 6 mins 21 seconds and had to use one of the rubber bands to assist me with the pull ups.

I’m not sure what’s in store tonight but my upper body is still pretty achy from Monday!


Sweet Potato Falafel Cabbage Wrap

Can’t wait to try this recipe, delicious!

sweet_potato_falafal_cabbage_wrap_grassrootsandgrainsI can’t get enough of the sun we’ve been having in London! I’m like, ‘Vitamin D feed me now!’ And with these light days, I need some light meals. My kids adore sweet potatoes, especially sweet potato fries – so this recipe gives that yummy sweet potato taste for my kids, with a great ‘Soured’ Cream topping and for the adults, an additional ‘kick up the backside’ spicy salsa. We used a Chinese Leaf Cabbage to wrap it all up, but use what you have in the fridge – even a big Romaine Lettuce leaf works too! And then top it all off with some Vitamin D, by sitting in the SUN while you happily munch away!

For the falafels you will need:

400g of sweet potatoes
A large handful of parsley
A large handful of coriander
1 and a 1/2 cups of walnuts
2 garlic cloves
1/2 an onion

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Crossfit Class #1 – The Squat

I went to my first ‘On Ramp’ Crossfit class last night and it was fab! The instructors were brilliant at showing us exactly how each move should be completed effectively and everyone in the class got on really well.

We spent most of the class learning how to do squats properly. This included air squats, front squats and back squats. I really noticed how bad my posture has become as my upper back and shoulders were really stiff when I tried to keep my body upright in the air squat; like this:

We ended on a short WOD:

200m run

15 squats, Press ups and sit ups

12 squats, press ups and sit ups

9 squats, press ups and sit ups

200m run

I completed this in 7.46 mins which was slightly below average in the class. I noticed that press ups (even on my knees) were really slowing me down and my right shoulder was quite sore afterwards. Hopefully this is an area that will improve with time.

A morning run feels great! (sort of)

Firstly… Happy Friday! This is a very exciting Friday for me as it’s my last one in my current job. This time next week I’ll be working in the Marketing department at Staedtler 🙂

After writing yesterday’s blog post I realised that it has been a while since I last went running. I did one 3 mile jog a few months ago but that’s pretty much been it.

As I was a bit short of time this morning to walk Ralph I thought I’d give it a go. I couldn’t believe how hard I found it! Having worked my way up to 13 miles at the end of last year it was pretty depressing to struggle with a short 1.2 mile jog, especially as I consider my overall fitness to have improved this year.

Having said that, it did feel great to work up a sweat first thing in the morning and I’ve been feeling much more awake this today than usual. I think Ralph enjoyed it too, although he wasn’t too tired to get up to mischief!


Starting Crossfit

Crossfit WomanSince getting engaged last Christmas I have been making a real effort to improve my fitness and body shape. It’s not that I was huge, but I was definitely the largest I have been which I think I can attribute to quitting smoking in 2012.

Last year I started running to improve my fitness, working up to the Cardiff Half Marathon which I completed in 2hrs 17 mins last October. After completing the  Cardiff Half I hit a bit of a slump. The weather started to turn, my running partners went to work somewhere else and it was dark when I got home… all excuses for my lost motivation.

At the beginning of this year I got that motivation back and managed to loose just shy of a stone leading up to my sister’s wedding in June with some personal training sessions. I was surprised how many people noticed the change and commented on how much better I was looking (my favourite comment was ‘It’s like you’ve made a real effort to slim down since you got engaged’ – was I THAT big before?)

So back to Crossfit. It’s something I have been considering for a while but the cost had been putting me off. After seeing the results I got from 2 months of PT sessions VS the David Lloyds membership I had for a year I realised that I needed to find a high intensity workout with people around to motivate me.

I went along to a crossfit taster last Sunday and instantly met some really lovely people. It was a bit daunting walking into a gym where everyone looked like an Adonis but they were all really supportive and seemed genuinely excited about new members. The taster workout was really hard, it took me just under 9 minutes to complete it and I ached for 3 days afterwards! I have now signed up for the ‘on ramp’ sessions which you have to complete before you can become a member of the gym. I start next week so I’ll let you know how it goes!