Crossfit Class #1 – The Squat

I went to my first ‘On Ramp’ Crossfit class last night and it was fab! The instructors were brilliant at showing us exactly how each move should be completed effectively and everyone in the class got on really well.

We spent most of the class learning how to do squats properly. This included air squats, front squats and back squats. I really noticed how bad my posture has become as my upper back and shoulders were really stiff when I tried to keep my body upright in the air squat; like this:

We ended on a short WOD:

200m run

15 squats, Press ups and sit ups

12 squats, press ups and sit ups

9 squats, press ups and sit ups

200m run

I completed this in 7.46 mins which was slightly below average in the class. I noticed that press ups (even on my knees) were really slowing me down and my right shoulder was quite sore afterwards. Hopefully this is an area that will improve with time.


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