Planning the new kitchen

Today is a very exciting day, after 10 months in our new home work is starting on the kitchen!

We’ve been leaving it until last as it is such a big project but when the contents of your cupboard start freezing it’s probably time to do something about it!

To give you an idea of what we’ve been working with here is a pic of the current kitchen:


The oven doesn’t work so we have been cooking with the hob, a George Foreman and our microwave since moving in. It’s been OK but I really miss baking!

Rather than working with the existing kitchen, we have decided to move it to one side of our dining room. Our dining room is quite large as a wall was knocked down by a previous owner, but its an odd shape and we’ve never known what to do with it. By using the space for our kitchen we will create a lovely kitchen/diner which should be great for entertaining.

Here is the space our kitchen will be going into:

20150126_081614 20150126_081623

The wooden door leads into our current kitchen. We will be moving the wall back to create a larger space for our new kitchen. We’ll then convert the old kitchen into a utility and downstairs toilet.

Here’s the new floor plan:

kitchen plan

The kitchen design has changed slightly as we decided that the breakfast bar would make the kitchen feel too cramped. Here’s our final design on the IKEA kitchen planner (the worktops are Oak, I’m not sure why they are showing as purple):

kitchen design

We were a bit skeptical about IKEA kitchens to begin with but we can’t fault them so far. We’ve been able to buy much nicer kitchen units and appliances than we could have afforded elsewhere and the kitchen planning staff came up with some really useful ideas to make the space work for us.

We have been quite bold with our choice of cupboard doors – LAXARBY black-brown but we fell in love with the style when we saw it on display in the IKEA showroom:


The building work starts today so I’m looking forward to seeing how much they have done when I get home from work! I will keep you all updated with progress…


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