It’s a dog’s life

Our Cocker Spaniel, Ralph, has become a big part of our lives since we picked him up as a puppy 9 months ago (a statement I’m sure our friends and family would agree with). Having a dog is a big responsibility but we have really enjoyed training him and taking him out on lovely long walks.

While work on the kitchen is being carried out Ralph has had to go on holiday. We found a wonderful couple in Cwmbran with 6 Spainels of their own who look after people’s dogs while they are on holiday etc. It is a bit more expensive than kennels but we wanted to make sure Ralph would receive the attention he is used to as he’s away for such a long time.

We’ve been receiving regular updates and the other day we even got these wonderful pics!

ralph ralph2 10640993_10155166791995154_6171220379870135674_n 10947159_10155166791845154_2930551245035903561_n

He certainly looks like he’s enjoying himself!


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