The WOD that ended my fitness slump

I started Crossfit in October and was averaging 3 WODs a week before we had the kitchen renovated. The results were starting to show and I was feeling great. Unfortunately, when you are left without so much as a kitchen sink for 3 weeks it becomes necessary to plan your evenings around other people and their charitable dinner offerings rather than gym workouts.

While we had fun mooching off friends and family, dining out and ordering takeaways, it did nothing for my gym goals and we didn’t make it to the box once in February!

Now that the kitchen is finished (post & pics to follow) there are no more excuses, especially now that we are in the 6 month countdown to our wedding!

In an effort to bring some accountability to my workout regime, I am going to start posting WOD results, so here goes:

Wednesday 4th March

Part A – 

12min Emom.                                      

Odd – 7 Strict Pull Ups                       

Even – 7  Strict Ring Dips 

I can’t do either of these movements so worked on a scaled version by jumping up and lowering myself slowly down, 5 of each rather than 7

Part B –             

For Time:                                         

1500m Row                                           

150 Double Unders                                 

1 Mile Run 

Finished in 19 mins 34 secs which I didn’t think was too bad considering how unfit I was feeling and how much of an incline there was on the 1 mile run! I did go for single unders as I can only do a couple of double unders in a row!



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