The finished kitchen

The tiles are up, the walls are painted and we finally have a lovely kitchen and entertaining space! Now that it is finished I thought I would share some pictures of the transformation:


We love our new open plan kitchen diner, the kitchen feels really spacious and it’s great to chat to dinner guests while we cook (unless you are having a culinary malfunction).

Here are the main features:

Wall colour: Unfortunately I wasn’t very organised and took these photos in the dark so you can’t get a true sense of the wall colour. It is Pavillion Blue by Farrow & Ball which is actually more of a pale green than a blue. It is nice and bright but not at all in-your-face – perfect for this space.

Cooker & Extractor hood: One of my favourite items in our kitchen is this IKEA FÖLJANDE extractor hood. It was a bit pricey but adds a interest to the cooking area. The hood features rails for hanging utensils and storing condiments, we keep ours in draws as we have plenty of space but I really like the idea of having everything readily available whilst you cook.


We went for a cheapish IKEA LIVSLÅGA hob as we had splashed out elsewhere but the rings are nicely spaced apart and it seems to do a good job.

The oven was another item we splashed out on as we wanted one with a decent usable capacity. This is the IKEA GRÄNSLÖS which has a steam function and a usable volume of 71 litres. I made a lovely roast dinner in it the other day and there was plenty of space to roast the potatoes, veggies and chicken.

Kitchen units & Worktop: The black cupboard doors are IKEA’s LAXARBY range. We were worried that black may have been a bit too bold but we are really happy we took the risk.

The worktop is IKEA KARLBY in Oak. It has a real wood finish but isn’t solid wood so doesn’t need the same level of maintenance.

Tiles: We opted for white Mini metro tiles from Walls & floors with Micromax grout in ‘smoke’.


Kitchen sink: I love my IKEA DOMSJÖ kitchen sink. It is a double bowl Belfast style and both sink bowls are a decent size, allowing you to put dirty dishes in one side and clean them in the other.

As you can probably tell we are really happy with our kitchen now, it’s great showing people around our house without the ‘it’ll be lovely when it’s finished’ comments.

Ralph enjoys his new sleeping spot by the warm oven too!



2 thoughts on “The finished kitchen

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I am also refurbishing my house, and we have set up our mind on the Laxarby form Ikea. I was wondering if you could help me with one thing! Did you choose the wooden counter top alo from Ikea and would you be kind(if you happen to remeber), to tell me which one it is? How does it look in time? I have read many blogs, and some people are not so happy with the quality after some month of usage. I hope my english is not that bad so you can understand some of it! 😉

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