Washboard abs and buns of steel!

OK, so as I posses neither, the title of this blog may be slightly misleading, but the way my body feels today I must be heading in the right direction!

A couple of WODs to post today:

18th March

25 Cal Row
50 Sit Ups
100 Single arm Overhead Walking Lunges (25lb dumbbell)
50 Sit Ups
25 Cal Row

Completed in 16mins 13 secs.

I was so tempted to drop down to an 8kg kettlebell half way through but so glad I powered through. I am not the best at pushing myself beyond my comfort zone so I’m really trying to work on upping my weights at the moment!

A: 10mins of gymnasts skill practice. – For me this was strict pull ups, of which I achieved zero, however, I did lowering yourself down slowly quite well.
B: Within 15mins establish a max load for the following complex:
2 push press
1 Push jerk

Max load – 37.5kg – That felt pretty good for me!

C: 3 sets of:
25 hip extensions
Rest 30s
15 strict TTB
Rest 30s

We were short on time at the end of this session so I did 2 sets of 15 hip extensions and 10 TTB which for me was lifting my legs about 40 degrees.


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